OTC Student Earns 8th ASE Automotive Certification

Congratulations to OTC Automotive student William Gath who has successfully passed his 8th ASE Automotive certification test achieving Master status! Since the inception of the ASE student lead workshops a little over a year ago there has been a visible uptick on campus in the number of students taking their ASE certification tests – and passing them. ASE’s are recognized by the transportation industry as the foundation of the skill level of their technicians.

ASE’s usually mean a better rate of pay as well as other perks for the individual technician who has them. Of course, it is overall productivity and the accuracy of completed jobs that make a complete package. Students receive one year of credit for attending OTC towards their two-year requirement of field experience to become Master certified. Gath took the L1 and missed passing by two questions. He plans on taking it again before his February graduation. If both Gath and Marques achieve their individual goals by graduation they will collectively hold 27 ASE’s!

OTC Automotive Training Students Hit Their Goal!

Five students from AT-226/227 have reached a goal they all set for themselves as soon as they started their Automotive training – to make it into the BMW STEP. They all knew about the elite training program and knew what it would take to make the cut – good grades, excellent attendance, and a clean driving record are just minimum requirements. These students will accept their diplomas and degrees in three weeks and then move forward with four more months of specialty training before heading out as BMW technicians.

From left to right:
Timothy Sidel AT-227, Shevon McPherson AT-226, Mitchell Chafe AT-226, Nathanael Naelitz AT-226, Brad Sirca AT-226.

What is the BMW STEP? This on-site, ASE/NATEF BMW automotive training program not only provides you with intensive training on standard and automatic transmissions, computer diagnostics, and fuel injection, but it also prepares you for the technological advancements BMW utilizes and a chance to create a track record with BMW.

The FastTrack program not only provides for several BMW certifications up to level 3, but it also allows a chance for advancement into the BMW ranks and experience working with some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the field. Completion of this program does not guarantee acceptance into STEP, but can provide the necessary preparation to be successful in BMW and meet your career objectives.

To learn more click here: BMW FAST TRACK

OTC Students Are Now The Newest Members Of Peak Power Corporation

OTC congratulates Dakota Hess-Baker and Joe Mayers as the newest members of Peak Power Corporation. Hess-Baker and Mayers are current Power Generator students and will start their employment the second week of April – shortly after completing their generator training March 24th. Peak Power has generously agreed to pay for both students generator training and offered them attractive employment packages. Hess-Baker is from Shohola, PA and Mayers is from Sussex, NJ.

Todd Morse selected to be featured student in upcoming yearbook.

PSI August graduate Todd Morse PT-51 was selected by PSI to be a feature student in the upcoming June/August yearbook. The theme of the yearbook is All In, as it is a  phrase that people can relate to for those who are 100% invested in their training and education. One of the questions he was asked to write about was a time he gambled or risked something, and lost it all. He left the answer area blank. I was there a few days ago getting some shots for his feature page, and asked him the question again, phrasing it differently and the short answer was, “Yeah, I almost died.” He now had my full attention. Below is the long answer.

From a young age I raced ATV Motocross and by my teenage years I was really, really good at it. I liked to ride dirt bikes as well, so I thought entering a dirt bike motocross was a natural thing to do – how different could they be? It turned out, they are completely different. With both types of racing it’s all about weight distribution. Where that weight is placed on and ATV is entirely different than on a dirt bike. I found out real fast how costly making that mistake can be.  During the race, I cleared a jump and my bike came down hard. The handle bars jerked right and I was thrown over the front of the bike and landed on my head. I sprained my neck. I had a concussion. I had bruised my ribs so badly I stopped breathing in the Emergency Room. It took me several weeks to recover, and the doctor told me to stay away from racing. Of course I didn’t take that advice. I entered and completed one more dirt bike race – successfully this time – before swearing off of them for good. I’m back to ATV Motocross where I placed 2nd in CRA (Competition Riders of America) Regional division. You could say I gamble all the time when I’m out racing. It’s either win or lose out there, coming in 2nd is not a win.  There is a risk each time that gate drops that this race could be your last. Accidents happen, equipment malfunctions, and other riders make mistakes that directly affect you. Having a life threatening injury is the scariest thing when you are living though it – trust me on that one. However, every racer will ask the same question after an accident, “How’s my bike/quad?”

Morse is a 2012 graduate of Kirtland High School, Kirtland, Ohio. After he completes his training in August, he is headed to Lawrenceville, Georgia where he will be working for Jet Thrust Performance.


BMW “STEP Brothers” Graduate

BMW STEP graduate Ricardo Mojica-Morales coined a new phrase, ‘STEP Brothers’, as he addressed his classmates and guests attending Friday’s BMW STEP graduation ceremony.

All seven of the graduates today earned perfect attendance honors and Theodore Knisely earned the highest GPA in the class. Knisely is headed to Atlanta, Georgia to work for Global Imports, one of the biggest BMW dealers in Georgia.

David Gissiner leaves Tuesday to drive out to Bend, Oregon where he will b…e working.

Brian Jarquin is headed to P & W BMW in Pittsburgh, PA. Nurettin Ozgur will be setting up shop at Rallye BMW, Westbury, New York. Rallye is the only auto group on Long Island representing all four top luxury automotive brands: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, and Acura.

Richard Mojica-Moreales and Jose Zavala will be working at Dave Walter BMW, Akron, Ohio.

Arthur Cann has been to Savannah, Georgia and interviewed with Critz BMW and he is waiting to hear back.

Congratulations to all of our STEP graduates!

Jason Johndro Moves into OTC’s BMW Training Program

OTC welcomes automotive instructor Jason Johndro into our BMW STEP training program.

Mr. Johndro came to OTC as an automotive training instructor in June of 2014. He was an immediate student favorite. “I think I am able to connect with my students through life experience as well as positive reinforcement. I like my teaching style to be more like a coach. We are all here for the same reasons, and that is to be successful, however I can help students to achieve their goals, I will,” says Johndro.

Johndro was an ASE Master Certified Technician and worked in the auto industry for many years.

In his new role as an instructor for the BMW training program, Johndro will be helping students achieve their dreams as a BMW technician.  OTC offers students two different BMW programs: BMW STEP and BMW Fast Track right on the OTC campus.

Congratulations to Jason in his new role.

Nigerian Born Oje Adebo Living His Dream

As Americans we enjoy a lot of opportunities and advantages people living in other countries don’t have. Nigerian born Oje Adebo knew he could have a better life in his home country of Africa if he could get the right training.

“Where I live there are a lot of cars, mostly American, but not a lot of certified technicians to fix them. Nor are there any schools available to teach what we need to learn. Automotive technicians  who are certified and knowledgeable are very much in demand and make a lot of money.”

Adebo says back home he has a Chevy Cobalt and a Lincoln Navigator. He says the primary brand of truck is a Ford. Adebo says getting to the US was a bit challenging. “It took me two days, and was very stressful. I’d like to return and visit my family prior to my graduation, but I’m not sure I want to go through all that travel stress again.”

Adebo just started his training in February, but in 18 months hopes to return to Nigeria after his training is complete and open his own automotive repair shop.

Vento Receives Top Honors

OTC extends congratulations to Steven Vento of AT-213 for achieving the highest GPA of the 29 graduates who received an Associate’s Degree at Friday’s commencement ceremony.

Students who earn their Associate’s Degree of Applied Science along with their technical diploma have to successfully complete and pass eight academic classes. Vento had seven A’s and one B+. Vento was also featured on the cover of OTC’s Yearbook as an outstanding example for the Automotive Program.  He is a 2002 graduate of Strongsville High School, Strongsville, Ohio.


Dealer Techs Complete PSI Dynojet Power Commander Class

PowerSport Institute congratulates the dealers that successfully completed their dyno training here at PSI during January and are now recognized as Dynojet Power Commander Tuning Center dealers!

Pictured L to R with PSI Dynojet PCTC instructor Kirk Nussbaum:

Jerry VanDerLinde from Down and Dirty Cycle Worx in St. John, IN
Adam Lamb from L-A Harley-Davidson in Lewiston, ME
Marco Bjishkian from Rocket Ride Cycles in Delray Beach, FL

Congrats guys!

If you want more information on how to get Dynojet certified – contact us today.

Student Leaders in New BMW STEP Class

Soon to be OTC graduates have been notified they qualified for the May BMW STEP Training Class. Three of those who are accepting the opportunity for additional training are three founding members of the OTC Leadership Council.

Andrew Olley AT215, Patrick Healy AT216, and Christopher Stroud AT215 will graduate from their automotive training program in March. A total of 15 students will be in the May STEP class.