William Jones is Ohio Technical College’s October 2016 Student Of The Month

Ohio Technical College is proud to announce our October Student of the Month. It is a fitting honor as we approach Veteran’s Day as this student served nine years in the US Army. William (Kirk) Jones is in his 11th month of Welding training and will graduate in December. He will have a short reprieve before starting up OTC’s 18-month Complete Automotive Technology Program in January. From his first day of training Jones has been the first to step forward when asked to volunteer and sets a positive example to his classmates. He is dedicated 100% of his energy to learning and improving his welding technique. The father of two young children works part-time on campus as a tour guide and curriculum assistant while maintaining 90% or higher on quarterly GPA’s.

Congratulations Kirk!

Ohio Technical College’s Nathan Hunt Is Named June 2016 Student of the Month

OTC congratulates our current Student of the Month for June 2016 – Nathan Hunt. Hunt is our second International student to reach this level of recognition for his grades, attendance and overall professionalism. Hunt did not let distance be a factor in getting the education he wanted. Hunt is from Zimbabwe, South Africa and he made the commitment to cone to the US and Ohio Technical College to learn Diesel Equipment and Power Generators.  The trip home is over 24 hours by plane. His commitment to his education extends to his attendance, only missing one day in the 16 months he’s been a student here. His dedication to attendance shows in his 4 honor rolls with 90% or higher GPA’s. He hopes to continue into Power Generation once his Diesel training is complete in September. An interesting note in the comments made by his instructors is that Hunt always chooses a seat in the front of the class.  As Student of the Month Hunt receives $100 Matco Tools gift card, $50 in cash, $50 to the OTC bookstore, and an OTC jacket.

Congratulations Nathan!

Ohio Technical College Congratulates David Cantu as May 2016 Student Of The Month

OTC congratulates David Cantu AT-232 as our newest Student of the Month. Cantu is graduating from our Complete Automotive program in two weeks and has been an outstanding student since he arrived on campus 18 month ago. He has been nominated for Student of the Month twice prior to his selection for May 2016. Cantu has maintained Honor Roll status for 6 quarters with 90% of higher GPA on test scores and lab performance.  He has only left campus early twice due to necessary appointments. He will represent the Automotive program on the June yearbook as success has a face and it is reflected in David Cantu. He is a veteran of both the US Army and Marines. He is active in OTC’s Student Leadership Council and sets a great example to students in and out of his program. After graduation he plans on returning to North Carolina and starting his Automotive career.

Vincent Quagliariello is Ohio Technical College’s April Student Of The Month

Ohio Technical College’s Classic Car Restoration student Vincent Quagliariello AR-27 is the new Student of the Month for April! This is the second month in a row that a restoration student has received this honor. Quagliariello came to OTC after twenty-three years in the US Air Force. His life experience and maturity make him a natural leader in the classroom and a mentor and role model to his younger classmates. He is also part of OTC’s Student Leadership team and regularly volunteers to help during on-campus events. Quagliariello has not missed a single day of training and maintains a 94.60% GPA which is difficult to achieve in restoration due to the wide diversity of technical training. Congratulations Vince!

Joseph Mackin is the PowerSport Institute’s March 2016 Student of the Month

The PowerSport Institute congratulates American V-Twin student Joseph Mackin for being selected as Student of the Month. Mackin is originally from Coxs Creek, KY. He started his training at PSI after finishing his military service. Mackin is in the 18 month V-Twin program that allows for not only the technical training but also the option to earn an Associate’s Degree. According to his instructors Mackin is  very enthusiastic about learning.  He works hard and always has good questions. Pair that with a great attitude and his instructors agree he is a pleasure to have in class and is an excellent student. These traits along with many other positive ones make Mackin a student – and soon to be June graduate –a great fit in any shop or dealership. Mackin currently has a Perfect Attendance record and excellent grades with an overall GPA of 96.9% and that makes him very noticeable as having the kind of achievements and attitude that represents the PSI brand.

Levi Brenza is Ohio Technical College’s 2016 February Student of the Month

OTC congratulates High Performance & Racing student Levi Brenza HP-13 as the February Student of the Month. Brenza is the second High Performance student in a row to earn student of the month honors. Brenza  came to OTC from Edgewood, New Mexico. He is slated to graduate this month from his 18 month program and hopes to land a permanent position on the Pratt-Miller Race Team. He has been an outstanding student making honor roll for all six quarters and not missing a single day of his training.  Pratt-Miller Racing has taken a serious interest in Brenza and even flying him to weekend races to be part of their crew. Brenza has volunteered for other race events and never misses an opportunity to help out a classmate. As student of the month Brenza receives $100 Matco Tool voucher, $50 cash, $50 OTC bookstore voucher, and an OTC jacket.

Kourtney Peters Becomes Ohio Technical College’s January 2016 Student Of The Month

OTC congratulates High Performance & Racing student Kourtney Peters HP-13 as our Student of the Month! Peters is a 2010 graduate of Fort LeBoeuf High School, Waterford, PA. She started her academic career at a university studying accounting. “I used to help my mom with my dad’s business. I liked my high school business classes, so I thought accounting would be something I liked. I didn’t like it. I was miserable,” says Peters. At that time her brother was a student in OTC’s High Performance & Racing program and her father is an OTC Diesel graduate. “I obviously knew of the college, but it wasn’t until my brother encouraged me to come and visit the campus that I gave any serious thought to this industry as a career,” she says. “As soon as I stepped foot here I knew this was where I belonged.” Peters admits the decision to change her career path was easy, implementing all of the changes were overwhelming. “I’m so happy I kept with my decision to come here. With graduation just days away,  I’m hoping to land a position with Kalitta Motorsports in their chassis and fabrication shop.” As a student of the month Peters receives $100 Matco Tools gift certificate, $50 cash, $50 to OTC’s Campus Store, and an OTC jacket.

OTC’s December 2015: Student of the Month

OTC congratulates our newest student of the month – Eric Shoemaker. Shoemaker is currently a welding student with a little over six months of training completed. He has earned two honor rolls and has only missed two days. He is excited about his future as a welder. Originally, right out of Butler, High School in 2011 he was set to start in OTC’s Classic Car Restoration program. As sometimes happens, the finances weren’t able to support that plan. He instead stayed in Butler, PA and attended truck driving school. He obtained his Class B, but soon realized over-the-road driving wasn’t for him. In a better place financially, he looked again at his training options and chose OTC’s welding program. He says so far vertical stick welding has been his toughest challenge to master. He plans on a career as a TIG welder once he completes his training in May 2016.

As OTC’s student of the month Shoemaker receives $50 in cash, $50 voucher to the OTC campus store, $100 Matco tool voucher,  and an OTC jacket.

OTC’s October Student of the Month: Andrew Hewko

OTC congratulates welding student Andrew Hewko WT-38 as the October Student of the Month. Hewko had two separate nominations for this honor based on his willingness to help others, his reliability, work ethic, and desire to excel. Hewko is a 2006 graduate of Holy Name High School, Parma, Ohio. During his 11 months in the OTC welding program Hewko has maintained perfect attendance and received an academic grade of 100% twenty-three times and has made honor roll all three quarters. His GPA is an impressive 94%. Hewko graduates from the welding program in December and will return in January to take the needed classes to acquire his Associates Degree. He will be OTC’s first welding student to earn his Associates Degree since it was recently made  available. Hewko receives $50 in cash, $100 Matco Tools gift certificate, $50 to the OTC campus store and an OTC jacket.

Jacob Nelson receives OTC’s Student of the Month

OTC congratulates Jacob Nelson –our first International student, to be selected as OTC’s Student of the Month. Nelson is from Sweden and started his Classic Car Restoration training in Cleveland last September. There were a lot of adjustments for him, but now he is taking the changes in stride. Nelson is at OTC because this type of training is not available in Europe. When he graduates in March and returns home, he knows his skills will be in demand. “The most popular classic cars in Sweden is 1950’s and 60’s era Cadillac’s.”  As student of the month Nelson receives $50 in cash, $50 bookstore voucher, OTC jacket, and $100 Matco Tools gift certificate.