Bowling Night OTC Style

Over 100 of Ohio Technical College students from the Main & Eastern (PSI) campuses to enjoy a night of bowling.  A special thanks to Wickliffe Lanes in Wickliffe, Ohio for hosting OTC Bowling Night. Students not only shared in bowling fun, socializing, but also devoured 17 sheet pizzas. Everyone enjoyed endless free soda compliments of Collegiate Housing and Ohio Technical College Student Student Services. Bowling night has been a student favorite and is one of the highest attended off campus events. 

11 OTC Auto-Diesel Students Pass the Universal Certification

Ohio Technical College congratulates eleven students in Auto-Diesel class 275 for not only passing their MACS 609 certification test, but also passing their EPA 608 certification test with the highest possible level of certification – Universal Certification. Universal status means they are certified on all three levels and can work on very small to very large units that contain refrigerant. This Auto Diesel class is not new to success. Many of the students in this class have multiple ASE’s and seven are OTC Student Leaders. There will be many individual stand outs from this class alone when they graduate in February 2017.

For any student to achieve Universal level of certification they must pass three individual level tests. Level 1 is for small appliances that contain 5 pounds or less of refrigerant, such as refrigerators, water coolers, window air conditioners etc. Level 2 is for medium, high and very high pressure appliances which are installed on site refrigeration units that must be charged with refrigerant to work – like, they reach in and walk in coolers and freezers, split system air conditioning units, and roof top A/C units. What is especially important to these students is Type 2 Certification is required to service Transport Refrigeration Units – the units that cool down or freeze products that are transported in refrigerated trailers. Level 3 is for low pressure appliances. These units are large chillier air conditioning units that cool water down that is used in the air conditioning units of large buildings, arenas and stadiums.


Ohio Technical College Enters Into The Great Race

Congratulations to the following OTC students who will be participating in The Great Race this summer. John Nyerghes CR152 along with Eric Misenis will be the drivers , Austin Arndt CR147 and Savanah Waddington CR152 will be navigators, Chris Breon AR26 will be mechanical support. The Great Race kicks off June 14th in San Rafael, California and ends on June 27th in Moline, Illinois. This is OTC’s first entry into The Great Race and these five students have been hand-picked to participate and represent the college.

OTC’s Stephen Marques is making a name for himself!

AD-275’s Stephen Marques is already making a name for himself on campus and he’s been here just two months! He has already passed 2 ASE certification tests in Automotive and Diesel Electrical and will be taking over the reins of the ASE Student Workshops when Kyle Matovcik -224 graduates in December. Matovcik has already earned 9 ASE certifications. Marques has set a huge goal of being dual ASE Master Certified in both Automotive and Diesel passing a total of 16 ASE’s. He plans on taking 2 more tests – brakes and steering & suspension in a few weeks. He will continue with two at a time until he meets his goal. He says it’s important for students to take their certification seriously as they will open doors to endless opportunities. “Any small shop or major dealership will see the validity of someone with ASE certification,” he said. The next ASE student workshop will be November 4th at 7am in the Diesel computer lab.

OTC Attended Ryder Top Technician Competition

Each year Ryder holds a series of competitions between their technicians all throughout the country to name the top technician in the nation. Ohio Technical College attended Ryder Top Technician Competition in Archbold, OH on May 7th 2015.

Recently Ryder and Ohio Technical College agreed to start a internship program for upcoming graduates of Ohio techs diesel and auto diesel programs. This internship will be completed in the last 10 weeks of each students program and will allow the students to work in either of the two Ryder repair facilities available in the Cleveland area. Upon successful completion of the internship  program the students may accept positions available at any of the Ryder repair locations across the U.S. that are seeking entry level technicians.

As this agreement progressed, 4 students were chosen for the internship program and were also invited to attend the technician competition so they could see up close what it takes to be a contestant.  Those students were Jesse Rayburn, Geoffrey Hunsberger, Matthew Chivers and Joshua Koontz. Ryder believes in continuous training and rewarding their technicians for being the best in their field. This competition was a sneak peek of the awesome career opportunities Ryder has to offer the future technicians of this industry.

OTC named a STEM Jobs Approved College for 2015

Ohio Technical College has been named a STEM Jobs Approved College for 2015 by Victory Media.

Victory Media is the leader in successfully connecting individuals with education and career  opportunities, and creator of STEM Jobs Media, education and career resources for students interested in Science Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

The 2015 STEM Jobs Approved Colleges inaugural list is the first of its kind to rate universities, colleges, community college and trade schools on their responsiveness and relevance to high demand, high growth STEM occupations.

What is the “STEM Jobs Approved Colleges List?”  Schools on the STEM Jobs Approved Colleges list have shown that they understand the importance of aligning their programs to high demand, high paying STEM jobs and helping their students achieve those career aspirations.  It’s never too soon to start planning your stem career — and that means choosing the best schools that are focused on preparing you for STEM jobs.

How does a College Make the List?  Colleges like Ohio Tech have aligned their STEM programs with high paying jobs that are in demand.  We have programs, resources and relationships that help our students get jobs and we have specific resources dedicated to supporting STEM student achievement and success.

The 2015 Rankings are linked below – click the link below to check them out!


Kira Daczko is OTC’s new Director of Career Services

Kira Daczko is OTC’s new Director of Career Services. Daczko came to OTC from five years of Career Placement at our Branch Campus, PSI (PowerSport Institute).

“I was a student at PSI back in 2008, and I know what student’s perceptions are. My responsibility now at OTC and PSI is to help these students see the potential in the industry both short and long term.”

Daczko has a proven plan in place she will roll out at OTC to get incoming students to focus on their goals and k…eep them on track, so when the time comes for that big career interview, there will be nothing holding them back.

“We have updated the OTC website to include a Job Placement tab with the most current job openings. We encourage our current students and alumni to check it out as frequently as possible.

If students see something they want to apply for, they can come to my office or give me a call and I will give them the details.”

Daczko is also planning Career Development Classes to help those students who are unfamiliar with the industry to get them thinking about the possibilities for both full and part-time employment.

“I’m also going to develop our alumni database as they are a fantastic source for job openings. Seeing our graduates in management positions and then coming to OTC to recruit new hires will show our current students the potential the industry has to offer and will keep them motivated in working toward their goals. The key to our success in this industry is our students success and it is vital for them to know that their future important to us”

May 20th Career Fair

It’s that time of year again, join Ohio Technical College for our Spring Career Fair, May 20, 2015.

Are you looking for technicians and welders NOW?  You’re invited to meet some our elite technicians, tour our campus and speak with our partners such as: Bernie Moreno Group, Valley Freightliner, Travel Centers of America, PepsiCo, Kimble, Waste Management, Rumpke, City of Cleveland and many more.

Mark your calendars today!  See you at the fair!

40 Years and Counting

John Palcisko has been a consistent face on the OTC campus for 40 years! Palcisko started out as one of three diesel training program instructors in 1971 and taught Cummins and Detroit engines as well as fuel injection.

The entire technical training program at that time was 12 weeks long.  Palcisko has held every training and administrative position possible within the OTC organization over his 40 years here and he is currently the afternoon Director of Operations. He also oversees Skills USA  for both OTC and PSI on the regional, state and national levels.

He is amazed that over the course of 40 years OTC has elevated itself to the level of a college. “Back when it was just the three of us doing the training, I never would have thought it would become this big and have such an impact on so many lives.” Palcisko currently has no plans to retire. “For me, slowing down wouldn’t be good. I need to keep moving.”

Student Leadership Council New Members

While the OTC Student Leadership Council says ‘goodbye’ to nine of its members through graduation, the group as a whole continues to grow with new members on board. The morning group of Student Leaders has representatives from all of the programs. These students will pick up where the founding members have left off in being positive role models and facilitating OTC activities.

Two of the newer members have already stepped up to take over the Graduate with 8 ASE workshop started by AT-215’s Christopher Stroud and Andrew Olley. Kyke Matovcik AT-224 and Dakota Hess-Baker DT-237 will now be running the ASE workshop and encouraging students to get their ASE certifications.